January 31, 2012

Musing on True Revival

What would an authentic "Great Awakening" look like in today's America? I believe the immediate visible effect would be a breathtaking abandonment of American Cultural Religion and an instantaneous depletion of the power structures of the Religious Right. Political parties would go into spasms. Televangelist empires would crumble. Talking heads would be rendered silent. Christian hipsters would exchange their cool clothes and glasses for sackcloth and ashes. Religious bookstores would find dust collecting on their trinkets and fluff books while the sales of Bibles would skyrocket. Religious broadcasters would be forced to abandon their never-ending money changing and begin to simply send out crews to report on the phenomenon of sinners and saints suddenly acting like Jesus. Hierarchies would fall and sectarian denominations would fragment and dissolve as the people began to awaken from the hypnotic spell which has kept them in slavish servitude to worldly principalities and powers. The eyes of the people would be opened and we would finally begin to know and understand the true and deeper meanings of words like "grace" and "joy" and "life" and "all."

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