September 29, 2011

A Genuine Leather Edition of the NABRE from Oxford!

The Oxford New American Bible Revised Edition, Large Print Edition, bound in black genuine leather, is a real treasure for any person who is in the market for a Bible that is at once both readable and sturdy. Let's start with the cover. This Bible is bound in black genuine leather. So many Bibles these days - especially in this translation - are bound in imitation or bonded leather. Those covers will wear out quickly with moderate use. Genuine leather is the way to go. Very traditional and long-lasting, even with heavy use. The genuine leather cover is thick and tough and yet very pliable. The size is just about right, not too big and not too small. This Bible just feels great in your hands. When you hold it open in your hands you feel like you are holding a real Bible made in the old tradition. And it smells great, too!

The binding is smyth-sewn and will open flat after a little breaking in and some gentle use, which is really outstanding if you like to study at a desk or table. The page edges are gilded with gold and the Bible comes with a black ribbon marker. These days, almost all genuine leather Oxford Bibles come with thumb index. I would actually prefer that Oxford gave us the choice of thumb index or not, but they do not. The thumb index is nice if you need it or are used to it. I actually prefer my Bible without the index, though.

The paper is nice. Smooth, opaque, strong, and non-glare, so it doesn't tire the eyes. The print is quite large - 12 point, I'd guess - and is extremely readable. This is a "readers" Bible with references and copious study notes which follow each book of the Bible rather than interrupting the flow of the text. It is surprising just how many study notes are included; this really turns this edition into a study Bible for anyone who wants to use all the notes and references. There are also concise introductions at the beginning of every book. There is no concordance in this edition, however, and there are no maps.

The New American Bible (2011 Revised Edition) is one of the most accurate translations available. It is a joy to compare this translation with others. I've found that in most cases I prefer the rendering of a verse as it is given in the NABRE.

If you appreciate traditional Oxford quality, you will love this Bible. Easy to read, well-bound and designed to last a lifetime with normal use and care, this Bible is worth every penny you spend.

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