August 23, 2011

The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God by Steve McSwain

The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God is a book by my friend Dr. Steve McSwain. It's important that I call him my friend because “heretics” like us need all the friends we can get! I jest, of course, but wouldn't be surprised to find that a few might find a way to be offended by some of what he has written and attempt to relegate him to the “heretic” column without honestly examining what he is proposing in these pages. In spite of this possibility, let me just say that The Enoch Factor may well be one of the most “Christian” books you'll ever read.

Thoroughly saturated with the Holy Scriptures and other wisdom writings from throughout the ages, this book is a powerhouse! But the dynamite isn't in dogma or theology or even theory. The dynamite is in the deliverance from dogma, theology and theory into the freedom of an authentic walk with the One who transcends all dogma, theology and theory! Steve doesn't teach you all the things that are important to know about God. In fact, he doesn't talk much at all about what you should know about God. What Steve writes about is knowing God, not knowing “about” God. There's a huge difference. As he says on page 47, “To know God is the supreme purpose of life.”

The Enoch Factor is a hard-hitting book. No holds barred here. Parts of it will be uncomfortable – at least they were for me. In fact, you may end up not liking at all how Steve McSwain requires a close and unfiltered look at ourselves, but you'll be hard pressed to suggest that he did not tell you the truth as he has personally experienced it from a heart filled with the love of God. There are certain of Steve's perspectives that I have not yet been able to completely embrace, yet I feel that I have tapped into something profound in his words and stories. And that brings up another wonderful detail about this book: Steve McSwain is an outstanding storyteller! The unfolding of this divine panorama will keep the reader enmeshed and enthralled until the last page.

There are many precious jewels to be found in the pages of The Enoch Factor. The long chapter on Ego alone is worth the price of the book. It's an eye-opening revelation and a bondage-breaker for those who have spent years battling a foe they didn't even know existed.

Let me recommend that you acquire this book and examine what Steve has written. Allow yourself to ask the questions and to examine the answers which Dr. McSwain has uncovered in his own journey into an authentic life walking with the Presence of God day by day. If you are hungry for the authenticity that comes from a thoroughly examined life and the reality of change brought forth by an ongoing encounter with the imminent and transcendent Spirit of Life, read this book. You may well find that if Enoch walked with God, so can you!


Greg said...

Currently reading Dr. McSwains book which I am finding very interesting.

Dr. Michael Kear said...

I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts when you are finished, Greg. It took me longer than normal to read this book because I spent a lot of time pausing to look up various scriptural passages in different translations.

I was quite amazed at just how much I have in common with the author's life journey, including how the death of my father affected me in a very similar way as his father's death affected him, among other similarities.

Greg said...

Hi Dr. Michael, I am also taking my time as I am currently on leave and doing some work around the house, like painting, etc. I too have much in common with Dr. Mcswains writing. After my dad passed away, so did my baby daughter in my arms a few months later. From then on I began questioning the meaning of life and attended many different churches. Since then I studied psychology and found my way studying through Dr. Masters at the University of Sedona. Currently got my Ph.D in Philosophy. I like reading, and was delighted to come across the Enoch Factor. What I have read so far is much how I feel about life and religion. Will let you know at the end of this great book.